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By Mario Vandal
I would like to use a radio tape recorder to tape emissions while I'm not at home. this machine would be programmable as for the channel and time I want. Just the way we use VCR tape recorders. As a bonus a version for the car should be available.
By mpcohen
I followed Steve's link. The product offered, according to one of the reviewers, is not anything like a VCR. You can only choose one time to program, there is no way to choose a specific day and there is no way to give a stop time, only a start time. I have also thought of this idea and do not understand why it is not widely available. There are a lot of popular radio programs. Considering what people pay for their stereo systems, the additional cost for such a device would be insubstantial.
By jeturman
You can find several programs for free to record online audio like radio stations broadcast over the Internet. Most of these require the sound to go through the computer's speakers and audio is recorded as the sound goes through the computer's sound card. A few, like, record streaming audio without the sound going through speakers. These can program several stations, times, and days.
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