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By Tim Bukovski
Over the years, there've been uncounted attempts to fight rough driving, but none of them has been really successful. Why not put the driver's phone number on the license plate? You bet that driving will never be the same again!

Reward: The result will be rewarding enough.
By hugo
Let's be serious phone #'s on license plates? just imagine such information on the wrong hands, the damage could be serious a sicko could get the phone # of a female and harassment or worse could occur adresses are easy to obtain thru the phone#,prankters awaing you up in the middle of the night or at all hour of the day, please reconsider
By Belle
What about putting the driver's picture on the license plate instead of the phone number? Eh? That will cause the driver some embarrassment. Just a thought.
By Caroline
I half-heartedly agree with you. Some days I wish that you could "dial" a persons license plate, like a phone number, and a phone would ring in their car. Then you could tell them what a poopy driver they are! But then, of course, we would all be on the phone while driving and chaos would ensue.... :-)
By Claire
By Tim
Folks, where's your sense of humor? - Anyway, if people are willing, there's a solution to everything: There could be special car phones / phone numbers (with no connection to an address whatsoever), and since every caller sends his special car phone-id, there'll be no harassment either (or else you get a ticket :o). I do agree with Caroline, however, that it's not a good thing if everyone's on the phone while driving. Anyone got a solution for that?
By R. Lloyd Nelson
Hi! I'm a time traveler. In the future we have a factory installed, voice activated device in all vehicles. It connects you to a monitoring system where you can lodge a complaint against another's driving. Too many complaints and your off to driving school. It escalates after that. Oh, yes. The system also reacts to repeated complaints by one driver against another (harrassment) and excessive complaints by anyone (neurosis).
By Davey C
Do they have flying cars in the future?
By carlo
Yes I invented them!
By Kelly
common! road rage is one of the worst problems on the road. Just think...they have your phone #, they call u up an give u *beep*...or worse, track you down and...well u know what happens next, maybe a bit 2 much. Thatz the point of licsense plates, itz an identity card w/out ne info
so police can track u down!!! NOT a good idea!
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By Michael D. Grissom

Build a 455khz 10 watt transmitter with microphone and plug it into you cig lighter (all car radios are hetrodyned with an intermediate frequency of 455khz). Then, you can talk one-way to everyone on the road around you that's listening to the radio -- no matter what station.

Back in the 60's, CB'ers used their PA option to talk through a loud speaker mounted in the grill. I had one and always dreamed of increasing the power to that necessary to bust out the rear window of the car in front of me.
By blindgraphics
I think Social Security numbers would be a better idea, that way if someone tail gated or acted could steal their identity.
By Thinkadin
This one is hilarious, you don't need a phone # to let another driver know how you feel about their driving, I do it all the time.....think about it :~(

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