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By afshin
I am thinking of making an earplug that passes on specific sounds and doesn't allow the other sounds to be heared. This device has a switch to adjust special frequencies of sounds, and if they are the same the sound passes and can be heard. This device can be very helpful when two or more sounds are mixed and you can not distinguish the one you want to hear.

Reward: One for myself
By karmab
I love it! I would definitely buy one, or more, probably more. As a parent I would have to say that there's gotta be a HUGE market for this!
By angela876020
Sorry to burst your bubble, or make your day (if you really want to buy one) but I have already seen these ear plugs. I'm sure they could be modified but the ones i saw were on the TV show "This Old House." Anyways the ear plugs allowed human voices in clear-as-day, but any harmful decibles like a chain saw were muted completely. Basically, it was able to differentiate the two decibles and while letting one in, it could block the otherone.
By karmab
Great to hear but it remains unproven, that it's out there. Link Please! Let the Christmas shopping begin!

Afshin, it's still a brilliant idea and you are brilliant for having thought it up, so what if someone else may have already thought of it, you are not the only brilliant person, you are in good company.

Ah, I live for brilliant ideas, epiphanys make life worth living!
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