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By thedude
The Idea is simple: Hire people who constantly complain just about anything! Hire them out to other companies looking for ways to make their business better. No complaint too small. The possibilities are endless, especially in a consumer driven market.

"We complain to Make your Customers Happier!" That's the Slogan.

The problem with employees is that they don't complain to management in person. Yet, they/we grovel all day about how bad things are. If management would listen to complaints, things just might get better. My first post - just testing the waters.

First online complaint about this site: eg: the logo at the top of this site is too big - if it has to be that big, put some more images into it! Make it appealing. Oh, it's nice and all: But put some gears into it, make it pop more!

Reward: Making a better world by complaining about it - for the sake of being picky!
By Stephan Lutter
cool idea.
suggestions for the site layout could also be made in the suggestion-forum.
By preduk
Isn't this idea a bit like Mystery Shoppers?
By tennisjunkie
It's a cross between mystery shoppers and expert effeciency consultants! I love it!
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By Greenearthman
good idea, i have read articles about companies that have basically contacted corporations saying they have a ready to complain "research group" (basically a group of college kids)
who are given a few topics, a few coffees and a few hours and ideas fly.

good for the college kids(they get paid)
good for the corp(fresh ideas)
good for you (you organized the whole thing you get the $$$$$$$)
By bogar

Do you know why the ideas are not hitting the road. I mean why they are not implemented. An Idea in its abstract form is use less, it needs to be implemented practically. Many or all most all ideas die at the conceptual stage. There are few reasons which stop the idea from being implemented. Which is well discussed at article title 'Obsessed with Ideas' . It is interesting to know that the creator of the idea him/herself kills their idea when it is in its conceptual stage without their awareness.
By monkeyman
pointing out everything bad in life doesnt make life better and companes dont lisen to anyone

hey hey hey boss man that worker there she so fat your should get a hot chick and dont let babys cry or people talk and theres no people washing there hands :-X

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