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By Allen Chiang
I have been dreaming to have a whiteboard that I can write out many colors as I like it to be.

But, please pay attention! I don't want to waste a penny on ink that will frequently eat out my money, let alone that kind of untoleratable odd.

So, I also hope that I have a magic pen that I can write with any color I want. It will show out when the pen contact at the board. It should be a electric board that has a sensor inside. This sensor is used to interact with magic pen. The magic pen has one or several buttons, e.g. to select blue or black or red. It depends on design. Each push sends a signal to the sensor to switch the color-type selection.

You probably want to tell me "There're lots of presentation machines used in campus or office, and...", but, believe me, it's really no fun from those dummy machine. My invention can be installed once, using it forever, or, if you like to say, to the end of human being...

If you understand it, let's find a way to make the possible to reality.

Reward: Give me a kiss or let me kiss you! And let's plan another dream like real.
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By Infoman
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By Michael D. Grissom
Hey InfoMan,.. we're dyin' to know,... did you get that kiss? :-?
By Um...Me123
Maybe this qualifies as the "presentation machine" but check out SMART Board you hook it up to a computer along with a projector which projects onto it. THe board has sensors and you can tap the board to click on things and has some diff color styluses (sp?)
Has eraser too.
Disadvantages: The shadow you create from the projector and the allignment gets off every once in a while.

I'm in highschool now but they had these at my grade school. Fun for groups to play games on.
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