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By pwrfid
A website where medical researchers, practitioners (aka doctors) and the public share news and insights on latest happenings on the world of medicine.

Researchers and doctors share their research findings and add information on diseases and treatment options. The content would be reviewed and updated, similar to the wikipedia-style, by fellow researchers and doctors who would gain by publicizing their work and speciality.

The public can get the latest research findings in simple, comprehensible language direct from the research world. For example, they can get information on the efficacy, side effects, etc. of new drugs, to treat hypertension from MedWiki through rss feeds or e-mail alerts.

A win-win partnership created for all three parties - researchers, doctors and public. Are you excited by the idea or is it already out there? I am pretty close to launching the site but I want to know what other people think of it. I sincerely welcome your suggestions and thoughts.
By c05m0
This has been done already, but might not be as in-depth as you may have wished. The amount of effort and depth that goes into any wiki is entirely dependant on it's users. So to make your idea a reality, you might want to rally some people in the medical field to start adding some more.

Also, it would be an awesome project for med students...

"By the end of the month, I would like all students here to write 2 WikiMD articles, be as specific, and indepth as possible. Remember, it's instant publification, put some effort into it."

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