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By narni
You know that permanant hair dye grows out after a while, and you get those roots showing through? My idea is to invent a hair dye that not only penetrates the hair cuticle, but actually leaves a micro sac of dye fluid just underneath the skin, in the oil sac of the hair. This way, when the hair growss, the friction would burst the sac, causing the dye to be released and the hair would grow out of your head already coloured! The hair would only need to be dyed every 4 months.
By sarahtia
I think this is a great idea.
I dye my hair alot, blonde just isn't me y'know?, and my hair grows really quickly, so I always have to deal with those pesky roots!
I'd definately buy it!
By iddy
I reckon it's possible.

You'd just need to find a way to pause the cells making hair, then dye it.. maybe some chemical to relax the scalp..
would be a goldmine

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