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By Stephen F. Wrona
How about an internet site where people could submit an electronic photo of themselves. (Perhaps two photos; one frontal facial, and one side facial.)

A computer would then analyze the photos and create groups of photos in which the members of the group look very much alike.

You could then log into the site and find someone who looks just like you. Who knows? You might discover that you are a twin and have never been told!

Then once a year, a look-alike get-together would be held, and people from all over the world would come to meet with their look-alike(s). Humans would then discover the powers of fractality. Yes, there is power in numbers. The body must come together.

Geneticists could be present at the get-together to make studies. For example: two people look amazingly alike. does this mean they are geneticly close matches?
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By Steve
Seems like a lot of fun. If you like your wife's looks but don't like her character, take her to the yearly get-together and go home with someone else. :-D
By someone
haha, your post was quite witty, but rather rude dont you think?... :-[
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By Steve
Sorry: wife OR husband. :-D
By blanston
what if you looked like an animal? like maybe a...oh I don't know...A MONKEY!
By bow2meordie
HAHAHA man whoever you are you are freaking hilarious. I have lived a bunch of places and I have noticed that people I knew look remarkably like other people but their main attributes are totally different, like a guy joe peterka in texas played saxaphone with me in 6th grade, a guy named ryan eggenberger was his exact duplicate except they were like not the same race or something, happens all the time though...late
By kisood
Your concept is identical to the idea I had a few years back before the Dot Com bust. If you want to collaborate on developing this idea further let me know. Now the technology has developed to bring this to reality.
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By overcaffein8d
haha.. that's a great idea.. why didn't i think of that
By Paddywack
This is a similar site where people submit a photo of themselves where they identify which celebrity they look like - other visitors then vote on how much they do - works well - but I found it a bit slow to update.
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