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By Daniel Clay Watkins
This is my first entry. There are already tape measurers with digital readouts, but unstead of a tape, there should be a light beam or laser that bounces off whatever you're measuring to and calculates the distance. If this has already been done, someone please direct me to the store.

Reward: A free Laser Measure
You can find handheld Laser Distance Meters manufactured under names such as "Disto Lite" by Leica or the "PLS1" by Pacific Laser Systems (both in the range of $400 to $700). You can also try Spectra Precision Laser, Lap Laser Applications, and Polaris with items that are likely less expensive. "Sonnin" makes several less expensive/less accurate products with their top of the line "10300S Multi-Measure" which is currently for sale at for $130 new. All of these items can be found by searching the web for "Laser Distance Meters" and are typically found where construction or landscaping equipment and tools are sold.

You can contact me through my e-mail address:

I will gladly e-mail you my mailing address so you can send my reward;

The free Laser Measure. :-D


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By Steve
Brian, actually it's Daniel who's supposed to get the free laser measure. ;-) Oh well, it's Xmas, I guess we'll waive it for you... :-D
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By Michael D. Grissom
A directional ultrasonic tape measure would be a lot less expensive than a laser based meter. It could use focused led light (cheap) as a pointer. Does anyone make something like this? I was unable to find one on the internet.

It might also drive away all the bugs and rodents too! :-b

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