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By notthenameiwant
A see-saw that has some type of electronically driven hydraulic system or something that evens the weight out for both riders- so that, say, a 50 lb rider on one side and a 150 lbs rider on the other would be "leveled-out" as if they were the same weight. Then kids could seesaw with their parents- or their fat friends!

Reward: Not being the skinny kid stuck at the top of the seesaw ever again!
By InventR
How about notches on the see-saw plank at regular intervals from the centre on both sides. You move the see-saw plank on the central pivot accordingly - just applying the simple lever principle. So a 180 pound person would sit fairly close to the centre while the 50 pound child sits far away.

Only problem is that the kid would go pretty high up and if you jumped on it you could launch the lightweight kid into orbit:)
By probass16
1. that would actually be really fun to launch a kid... but might be illegal now that i think about it, lol.

2. for the electronic weight idea, it would just cost too much. but good basic idea, b/c i like see-saw's :)

3. oh, i jsut thought, for the notch idea, you would have to worry about vandalism and theft b/c of it's lightweight and newfound mobility. but i guess if you put restrictors on it it wouldn't be too bad.
By notthenameiwant
How about a heavy weight on top that could slide either way down the seesaw- slide it towards the lighter kid until the weight is evened out. If it was 100 lbs or so, a kid could even be able to seesaw by himself (although stepping off would be tricky).
By calibret
Interesting thoughts although I doubt many parents or city parks would want to shell out thousands for a complicated hydraulic ride aka disney rides. I think it would be simple to use giant springs to return the see saw to equilibrium. Remember the simplest design that works is the best design, "Einstein".

Yeah .... do a telescoping of multiple seating position see saw. The heavier person would seat closer to the fulcrum thereby generating similar torque as a lighter person sitting w/ a longer moment arm.

Besides, what's the fun of playing alone on a see saw or someone not your size.
By probass16
what's really fun is waiting for someone to walk past or over it and pushing down on teh other end, lol. make sure it's someone that deserves it though, don't want to wail on an innocent guys jewels, lol.

but now that you bring it up i've seen see-saws with springs under the ends around before.

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