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By skywarp86
This idea is very undeveloped, but seems promising. Beside the light switch in your living room and/or bedroom, another switch that causes a 5 foot by 5 foot by 5 foot square cube cabinet to lower down out of the attic with doors on it. The cabinet itself would also have controls on it for sending it back up. It could house maybe a mirror and makeup station on one side (for her) and men's stuff on the other side.

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By Steve
I'm sure this is technically possible. Why it has to be 5 feet in size is, of course, obvious. I only wonder why it lowers out of the attic at all. Is it a secret device to crush cockroaches? :-D
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By Steve
Erm, ok looks like I had a bad day on October 23... ;-7

Actually I was attempting to point out a possible problem: if you want to lower down a cabinet from the attic, you need space in your room. And when you have space in your room, why don't leave your cabinet where it is? And if you have a big room and an attic, why not build some stairs and have even more space? I hope you get the point - I don't quite get the point. ;-)
By LauraLouzader
This is a great idea and it deserves to be rated higher. It is also applicable to high-ceilinged 'loft' apts, where most of the volume goes to waste.
By wyattgreen
hummm I have to agree with the first response it's a noble idea but not practical... why would you hide the shelf or cabinet it has to come down into empty space just leave it on the ground.
By The Classical Greek
I see the idea here. I once lived on the 3rd floor of an multi-family house. Very little closet space and if I had a drop down closet, b/c there was no place for a closet due to size constraints, I would have installed one.
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