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By 'The One'
Does anybody here agree that intelligence may be weakness and not definite power?...Because We do things in life, and think, but we prefer to DO more, than just sit and think more than doing...if that makes sense...

Also, some people may think that intelligence is initiative and vice versa when they may be two different parts of the brain...Then again, we may ALL be ENTIRELY different in brain structure due to how we were brought up and raised.

Also, I swear, some believe love is hate and hate is love. The definition of good and evil is so screwed up. This could define who is a 'devil' and who is an 'angel', without people knowing which one they are...but of course we all know that people simply adapt to their environments to survive and that this means there is no real 'good' or 'evil' as such...or could there be...but of course good and evill is determined by your INTENTIONS and not what you act or look like...although some people will believe that it can be, because looks and behaviour can imply what the person is really like.

What do you think?... :-? ;-)

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