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By frankyzapp
How many people have gone to breakfast on a sunday morning, hungover after a night of binge drinking, and don't want to hear any annoying individuals around them while they eat? How many people are having horrible days and just want some peace while they enjoy their meals?

Well, at the No Talking Cafe I want to have a completely silent restaurant. The least amount of human interaction possible. You'll seat yourself, you'll order everything the way you want it on a computer register at your table, so the only interaction will be a food runner that brings you the food. You pay at the table as well.

Then you got to ask 'well how is that possible?'. Sure you'll have a tough guy come in and say 'I can talk wherever whenever I want', and he'll open his yap. This is why we'll hire a security guard at the door for wiseguys like that, and he'll warn him once then after that escort him out and he's through. No Talking Cafe - it's a gold mine ready to happen. I believe they'd be ideal at locations near colleges, universities, ...
By sarahtia
If you'd like to eat alone, then why not eat by yourself at home? It makes much more sense than going out to a cafe where no one says anything. No one says anything when you're home alone either. It would just save you time, and money. Ordering in always works. Of course, there aren't a lot of places that deliver breakfast are there? Maybe that's something to think about. :-?
By rippedztockings
It's an interesting idea because of its novelty, really. Sometimes people don't want to cook, don't live by themselves, and just want to sit in a room to study, read, or whatever with a good selection of food available and without any disturbances. I quite like the idea.
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By swimmer
why not make sound proof glass room around each table ... so costuners will have the freedom to talk ot not ...
By Regtracker
swimmer wrote:why not make sound proof glass room around each table ... so costuners will have the freedom to talk ot not ...

that's the idea A-La "Get Smart" and the "Dome Of Silence" lol you could tint the glass to so the ppl around you didn't have to see you wallow in your own self imposed misery lol!!!
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