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By Mark T.
Commuting to work requires too much time. It would be nice if I could have a telepresence hologram that I could walk around the office with. It would give me audio and video and I could use it to type my commands onto the computer at work. For example, if I type something on my computer at home the telepresence would enter it in the computer at work.

The hologram would be an image of me in a dress suit (even if I'm in my underpants) and could stand or sit, and if I desire, imitate my own movements at home. I could go to meetings and the hologram would sit in a chair and talk and look around the room. I could perhaps even have greater scope of vision because I could use the telepresence hologram to look in all directions.

This invention would save millions of hours in commuting time.

Reward: A free telepresence hologram would be nice so I could use it at work.
By Michael
I dont think we have the Tek yet.
By pooface228
Michael wrote:I dont think we have the Tek yet.
No *beep*!
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By Michael D. Grissom
I'm currently working on a hologram project and what you're suggesting IS possible but would require the hologram projector to be tracked to the ceiling so that it could go where ever you might go. The only other way would be multiple projectors throughout the areas you might visit -- each covering a specific segment. All this would be very expensive NOW but, as in all tekky stuff, prices are falling.

As an employer, I'm already trying to think of a way to send your hologram on break while YOU remain at the keyboard.

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