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By Josh Watson
Instead of having to drink a protein drink for body building, why not just put it all in a pill so it is quick and easy to take.

Reward: free protein pills
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By Steve
Hm, would that get you a pill the size of an apple? :-B
By Josh
When you take pills, your body only absorbs about 15% of the medine of whatever else was in the pill. In the case of liquid, or isotonic solutions, your body more readily absorbs the medicine or nutrients at a rate about 4 times higher than pills, or 60%. Good try though. :)
By Soul
Hi I've just joined, I see this subject goes back 3 years, I hope this idea has been developed by now...Great Idea ;-D
By probass16
there are pills, but they contain other things than protien. they aren't really good for you. i use the stuff that my brother sells. it's an Advocare product called Catalyst. you take it before a workout, and it basically gives your muscles a kick in the butt. i didn't take them one time, and i did 1 less set of everything, and they were 15lbs lighter. i've gone from 180 lbs to 200 lbs in about a month and a half. but i've also been eating right, so i dont' know how much exactly it did. if you want to get a look at all of Advocare's stuff, the wesite is they're Spark energy drink is amazingly effective, and it's a lot better for you than Redbull.

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