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By Stefan Micke
When you're travelling by plane, there's often something spectacular going on outside (and I'm not talking about burning engines - rather something like sunsets, cloud patterns or fantastic sights on the ground). Unfortunately, you can rarely see these things, as you're usually sitting on the wrong side of the plane. So why don't they use a mini camera to broadcast those events to the main screen so everyone can see? It would definitely be a great service appreciated by most passengers.

Reward: Free plane ticket or bonus miles.
By Erika
There are already airlines using this technique. FINNAIR has been using mini cameras for quite a while, and there are probably others.
By Lucy
Emirates too. Although that doesnt make up for the lousy in cabin service and food but hey !
Japan Airlines has this with cameras shooting forward and down. Cathay Pacific has it shooting forward. Have not found it anywhere on North American based airlines, but they will come soon
By Bluecube
Why not make the seating area of the airplane all glass.
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