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By Taylor Ryan Magness
Since so many people cheat in the game of paint ball, if companies could add nitrogen into the paint ball people coundn't say that the shot on there arm was from last game. If they got shot by frozen nitrogen, their arm or leg would automatically freeze. The certain amount of nitrogen would determine how long that players arm would be frozen.

Reward: What ever I can get.
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By Steve
Isn't that a bit drastic? I mean you could always use REAL bullets, then you would know for sure. But I just wonder if the game would stay fun that way...
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By Michael D. Grissom
I know nothing about this game but, couldn't you use different color paint balls for each game? Can you inject your own paint balls with your own personal color or pigment to change the existing color? Do paint balls have an outer shell? Do you know what paint balls are made of? ...just curious
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By cynet
Did you ever see the movie "Clockstopers".
That idea was used.
By ArdeoCaldidus
The e\way you described it would be that the arm or legiment would freeze. That all good and fine but what about blood circulation in you body, after a minue or so of frozenness, you die because you circulation would stop or build up. Also, if te legiment was frozen, wouldnt it be susceptable to breaking entirely. BTW, it would hurt to be shot with a frozen paintball, and the freezing of ur skin ould hurt. And if you were i a warm climat, the liquid nirtigen would just warm up with no sign of damage.

I propose using a multicolorchanging paint that wold only come off when the game stops. Some kind of polymere that would come off with electronic activation or sumthin. Or how about paintballs that emit an electromagnetic feild, and when it hits ur covering, the suit would be a polymur that reactive to electoronic pulses, so that you couldnt get it off. The only way to get it off would be as you exited the feild, you walked through a metal detector ype device that canceled the feild.

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