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By grin
Computer chips are improving in terms of speed, but the trend now is not the speed, but in efficiency. Chipmakers are into dual core, quad core, for multi tasking. My idea is this: can someone build motherboards that will accomodate 2, 4 or maybe 8 cpu's (old but working chips). The same principle is applied on quad core cpu's (4 old cpu's in 1 mobo). Application: 4 tasks at the same time can be performed by the computer. (Convertible slots are encouraged so different cpu speed and slots may be used.) Which means 4 (or maybe 8) different cpu's can be used in a single mobo! Get my idea? Any wilder? Feedback please!

Reward: the product for free!
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By Michael D. Grissom
Is the purpose of all this more bang for the buck or just finding a way to use all the obsolete chips out there? Also, physically stacking all those inefficient (hot) chips would get expensive trying to keep them cool. You'd probably have to put water wafers between all the cpu chips and pump to a radiator. You would have to stack them to keep the lead lengths between them short enough. What did you have in mind for this?
By thatpersonthatiam
interesting idea. The only problem is that the cost of designing and marketing such a board would far outweigh the benefits, and it wouldn't serve to yield a low cost alternative to multicore CPUs. Another point to note is that the reason multicore CPUs are so good is that as they're on the same wafer the bandwidth between each core is very high. Creating a board with 8 separate CPUs on it would result in a dramatic loss of bandwidth. Now of course multi-CPU boards do exist, however they're reserved for servers and so forth, where different processes can be assigned to each CPU rather than streamed over a number of them.
Most of all, however, I believe the one problem setting this idea back is the cost of developing and manufacturing such an item and the low return that you'd get from it. It would be far more efficient to collected a number of old desktops and have them running together, or even designing a case that could hold multiple boards and power them from the same PSU. old boards are a dime a dozen and this could possibly result in a multi-CPU computer with a low power consumption.
Don't let this sidetrack you from putting more research into the idea though (as I'm not a computer scientist there could be things i'm missing). Good luck with your idea and any further research you do on it.

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