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By zyx Rationalist
We are worried about soil erosion filling our water dams with soil, leaving us with no more water in them and loss of rich soil from higher areas. So what if it is possible to build a dam or small dams near the place where soil erosion is taking place? It may stop the soil where it belongs and not fill our water dams.

PS. If u happen to know any Dam Builders please inform them about this idea on this website.

Reward: send bcc mail to everyone, ask them to goto and search for "zyx", because more people know about it the greater are its chances of implementation.
By MaddieDT
You are right in wanting to solve the problem at its source, however, it would be hard to construct soil dams to prevent runoff into lakes and streams without affecting the shoreline. I would imagine the effects would be similar to those of sea walls in that soil would collect behind the wall while the shore would wash away from in front of the dam. If soil dams were constructed, the collected soil would need to be regularly removed in order to prevent the soil collection to the point where it is level or exceeds the height of the dam. Also, most soil runoff occurs from where trees and more dense vegetation has been removed from the natural landscape and replaced with yards, farmland, etc. where the vegetation is generally shorter and has smaller roots which cannot hold the soil in place. So a better solution would seem to be to plant more trees or at the very least, bushes and shrubs, to help control the soil erosion, but even this would not produce large enough results to prevent buildup behind the water dams.
By Rishi
MaddieDT is right in many ways. The soilerosion is not caused by big dams. All river valleys are carved out of level land by the water. Grand Canyon for example. The large dam traps the sediment. The Aswan dam in Egypt had a much shorter useful life than designed because of this.

Preventing soil erosion at the source as zyx Rationalist says is the correct approach. Any vegetation will control erosion. Even grass will do it. Deforestation and eco plundering is what causes the problem to start. Once started it becomes a positive feedback loop becoming steadily worse.

Best of luck! zyx Rationalist in your efforts.

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By Michael D. Grissom
Import a couple of these and see what happens xyz ;-D
By MaddieDT
I'm with you there! Not only would that keep some of the soil upstream, but think about the cheap labor involved!
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