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By Conrad DeFreitas
My idea came to me one day when I was fishing. The bugs were really bad and when I was reeling in my louwer I would have to stop so I could swat at the bug that was biting me. So I created an idea to have a fishing rod that with a push of a button I can reel in my louwer with one hand, and if I do get a fish on, I can reel it in normally not to take away the enjoyment of catching the fish. So you cast normaly and have the option to reel it in manualy or automaticaly with the drag set so it will slip or pull it in automaticaly with no drag.

Reward: To help people with disablities enjoy fishing.
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By Michael D. Grissom
Do a google search on "power fishing reel" and grouped keywords like that. I've seen them before but, not being a fisherman, I can't remember any details. Good luck!
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By CycoMage
How about a small pressurized cannister of bug spray in the handle of the rod, thumb activated, with an adjustable-multi-directional nozzle? This could be a repellant or killer, depending on one's disires or frustration level.
By sk8mad85
they make power fishing reels, mainly for deep sea fishing. i havent actually inspected one but i dont know if it would be useful for a short reel in for a lake fishing scenario. if you did make it, what would it be powered by, some deep sea ones use power from a marine or car battery but that doesnt seem logical to bring if you are fishing from a dock or land. you could also just wear insect repellant.

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