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By le tian
I think there may be a telephone with a scent emitter. The emitter contains a lot of scent of flowers, and on the screen of the telephone, we can find a list of scent.

You can set the telephone number to the list. For example, the number of your girlfriend ok! certainly the scent of rose or other scent of flower what she like; if your classmates maybe the scent of lily, and so on...

Then when you hear the calls, if you feel the scent of rose, ok it's her, no doubt! I think this idea will make our room more comfortable and make your talk more brighten!

Also it can be used in mobile telephone.

Reward: If there is any technique problem now; we can start this from the sound of call. But this is not a good idea for mobile telephone!
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By Steve
There are planes flighing at the speed of sound, and in most science fiction movies, there are spaceships flying at the speed of light. But, did you ever hear of a vehicle travelling at the speed of... scent?

As far as I know, smells spread very slowly (we've all had this experience in the one or other situation, didn't we? :-B ). You can speed things up by using a kind of dispenser, but even then, your girlfriend would probably be waiting on the phone for minutes before you realize that it's her.

Also, if your girlfriend brought you a bunch of roses on her last visit (some girls do that!), you wouldn't even notice her call.
By Stig Bakke's brother Stig
Awesome idea!!! Can't wait to program telemarketer calls to smell like an outhouse!


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