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By J-man
I am hoping for someone to create a "jelly mould" concept type of home to solve the problem of homelessness in the world - surely a mould could be made and then injected with material which would harden and then allow cutouts to be made for doors, windows.....etc.... It would be basic, but a whole new world for those without.

Reward: Peace and love on earth amongst all nations and creeds.
By prizmone
This is such a great concept that a number of people have tried to make it viable with everything from pup tents (gov surplus), refrigerator boxes, reinforced styrofoam forms, etc. The problem is you end up with shanty towns, disposal and sanitation problems. It's the NIMBy thing, and besides if there is no profit in it, who's going to make, store, distribut them???
By Bill
What about corporate sponcers?
By Dan Anderson
They do this with AeroFoam and/or concrete for dome shaped homes.
By Jane Rodgers
I'm afraid that second post has a good profit, no takers. I did run into a site where this organization is utilizing used shipping containers for schools, medical buildings, houses, etc.

It's at:

I think it's a new orgainization. They built a school in Jamacia last year, they're planning on building housing for migrant workers next year.

Oh, and another thing. It's a great idea to help homeless people, but, if you give people too much they don't appreciate it and they start to expect it.
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By Michael D. Grissom
Give them some of the boxes of food that we're giving to the people of IRAQ.
By midoh
I remember seeing/reading about a special type of 'hotel' for people who just wanted the absolute basic requirements in terms of overnight accomodation.Each 'room' was a circular air-conditioned cylinder with just enoughspace for a sleeping matress and a tely was
mounted on the wall of the cylinder.I think this 'hotel' is in Tokyo.The structures (cylinders) were all the same and probably meant that the whole 'hotel' was relatively straight forward and easy to fabricate. Some adaptation/modification of this structure (an economy version?) might be the answer to the problem of homelessness in our cities.The layout reminded me of those cells in a beehive!

Hope this helps!
By Daryl666
concrete dome buildings can be made by using a large canvace air bags in the desired dome shape. i have seen it done and when the the concrete has set (obviously with rebar for strength). the canvace dome can be reused again for the next building. this would be far from shanty town material and after all is set and done it is possable to put in an electrical grid and sewer and water piece by piece as the economy in the area increases (clearly water first then electricity or sewer) . Its a fast and economical solution to a housing problem in third world areas their main problem right now is that most of the buildings they have now or make dont survive high winds and long periods of rain. concrete domes can surely do that.
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