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By Steve
I can remember that someone invented a video recorder years ago that was supposed to omit the commercial breaks when recording a movie. I guess the system wasn't fail-safe, so it never made it to my home.

Anyway, it should be much easier to cut off all the talking from a radio station. I've given up listening to our local radio stations a long time ago because of all the commercials and brainless blabla, but if all the talking could be replaced by silence (or maybe by music from another radio station) I'd be the first to turn the radio on again.

Reward: A home stereo equipped with this technology.
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By BMW E46
Get an MP3 Radio / Sound System.

Download all the latest and current music from the Net via Kazaa/Audio Galaxy - any music you desire...

upload to your MP3 System, activate the random play feature.

There you go!!!!
Only cost for you: the MP3 Sound System & your internet connection.
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By Steve
Hm... that's not the same. Listing to the radio is like having your own DJ (ok, not a very good one usually, but anyway, it saves time).
By mickyhowells
Wouldnt it be illegal to cut radio talk out, its interfering with the airwaves, and they only get paid because of advertising :-D
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By Steve
I think whatever you do within your own 4 walls is ok (like using an ad-removal program on your computer). Using such a feature in a public place (e.g. supermarket) might be a different story.
By jackjohnson
I agree. Problem also of course is that the advertisments can be obtrusive. If they would only ask us very nicely and politely to spend money on their product or service...
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By Michael D. Grissom
Steve, add a speech recognition circuit to your radio. I doubt if it would ever recognize any spoken words within music of any type -- they'er just not that good yet. This would probably be a lot more accurate than VCR commercial zappers which are at about 85% now.

This of course will mean that you will be the first NOT to hear the first REAL alert so, I'll say goodbye to you in advance...

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By Steve
Oh well - live hard, die young... :-D
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By Michael D. Grissom
"...and leave a good lookin' corpse"

James Cagney right?
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By CycoMage
Don't they now have subscription satellite radio, mainly for autos, but still available?
I understand about the "blahblah, yaddayaddayadda" and the offensive, always too-loud ads, but I miss the old fashioned D.J.
You know, the one with some info on what he just played, and was there to take your request,or answer a question about that obscure one-hit-wonder you just heard. Pre-programmed, computer operated, Billboard top-40 auto-stations have stolen the soul of radio.
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