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By Michael
I go to a self defense class once a week. Last week I sprained my ankle, the instructor ran over, pinched a nerve in my foot, and in seconds it was numb.

Have you ever seen an ice skater or hockey player sprain an ankle or shoulder on the ice? what if a full body suit were made with veins under the rubber and a small supply of air around the waist. It would contain a small CPU (central proccessing unit) that would monitor all shocks, pressures or punctures, it would "nerve numb" it, applie pressure and/or turnique, and notify you of damages.

(the air would be pumped into the veins to tighten the suit)

Reward: Very quick First Aid, and my own suit.
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By Steve
Not sure what making part of your body numb has to do with first aid. Sure, it'll take the pain, but I wonder if it's healthy for a hockey player to continue playing with a broken leg (even if it doesn't hurt). Anyway, maybe I'm just a whiner... :-D

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