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By AaronBurns
Since you can't add layers of materials inside the glass or run lines of heated metal to heat a wind shield, you must use your inside window defroster. If you had a hot wiper blade that didn't crack your window you could use the cold temperature wiper fluid and then swish it around with heated wiper blades for maximum speed of defrost and then you can turn your defroster to a different setting to heat the inside to help defrost the rest of the windows.
By InventR
Aaron, actually vehicles with heated front windshields have been around for years - I remember a Range Rover fitted with it as an option back in the early 90's.

I guess cost is one of the main reasons we don't see them as often as we'd expect.
By probass16
actually, i think this is a good idea, b/c i had it this past winter, lol. yeah the heated windshields are good, but my fans in my car were busted at the time, so the windshield was pretty well frozen. but the main benefit of the heated wipers would be melting the ice off the wipers themselves, b/c they were coverd with ice and wouldn't do their job. so if they were clear of ice, they could have kept the water off of my windshield so it wouldn't need to be heated.

and just so you know for future benefit, they make wiper fluid that melts ice on the windshield, and it works great.
By AgentOrange
I guess the next logical step would be to have a heated wiper fluid tank?

That way, you can unfreeze the wiper blades from the windshield, without having to wait for the defrost to really kick in. You could drop a few KW-Hrs into that fluid reservoir, before you even start the engine. I know, I know...don't mix electricity and hydrocarbons, right?

But, let's face it. We're all tired of taking those first few miles through that little porthole of visibility, just above the defrost vent. And god knows what's behind us. I mean, cheese and rice! The time for change has come.

Nice work,
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By AaronBurns
We should just direct all hot manifold exaughst directly inside the windshield! lol!
It would save us from actually having to work since we couldn't live though it!lol!
By InventR
I live in Canada........Brrrrrrr. Often thot of installing one of those fancy suspensions on my car, except that this ones starts shaking the front of the car then moving to the back similar to a wet dog shaking itself off- this should get all that white stuff off - what dya say :D
Well boys head on down to canadian tire and pick up a heated wiper fluid tank. Dont thank me
thank the fine folks at purchasing at your nearby canadian tire unless you live in the states.

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