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By Luke Mckee
There are currently door “bells” for the deaf. They usually have a light that flashes brightly instead of playing a tune. Unfortunately, many deaf people are also blind due to the same genetic problems that cause their deafness. It is almost 25 percent in fact. I plan to make a device which, when activated, uses the only reliable sense left - other than smell and taste - touch. This could incorporate a vibrating motor in the person’s pocket.
By Luke Mckee
There is a rather large problem that I have with this product. I have no way of making the push button outside communicate with the vibrating device in the pocket of the user. I have thought of two ideas; Radio signals and ultra-sonic beams (unsure about this one). If someone could give me a circuit diagram this would help me very much.

The project is for my GCSE's at Sullivan Upper School in Holywood. I am currently in year 11. If you have any doubts about wether I am alowed to ask for help, I asure you that I am. PM for further details.

By apurva_tewar
i would like to contribute something more towards this idea of creating doorbell for deaf and blind...
we should make something like a small fan in each room, so that if anyone press the doorbell button those fans in each rooms starts rotating so that it can easily attract the attention of deaf people, and we can also add some sound and even light so that blind people can also notice that.
if anyone thinks that these might work and if need more specific idea, i would like to work in co-ordination to make this product available.
By adaminc
This is a good idea, you would want to use RF as Ultrasonic, just like any other form of sound, wont move as easily through a house as RF would (RF being able to pass through walls much easier) and you should be able to find some RF transmitter/receiver pairs on some hobby robotics websites.
By carpediem30
This is a good idea, though I would assume most people whom are deaf and blind have other areas of concern prior to answering a door and most have caregivers. I cant imagine the importance in answering the door, do they know whos there. Most family, friends would already have a system in place for entering. You should visit the D%B school in St. Agustine, Fl. to follow up with this idea, see how they handle the privacy act and find out how staff enters rooms with notice. Repectfully -CD30
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