Gather feedback on ideas and inventions that you plan to market yourself, or find partners for further development. Remember that anyone can read your post, so don't disclose any confidential information about your project.
By Alexander Dean Lefler
I have an idea that is sure to be a hobby hit, if only I can get someone to help me and support the idea. This invention is a personal wall crawling device, eventually to be capable of enabling a user to climb a wooden or brick wall with incredible ease. The science of this invention is simple: lots and lots of tiny hooks on each finger and toe slip. I hope to create slips with 10+ pounds of lift to each finger or toe, but it might take more than that. It might sound impossible, but it will work with some help.
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By Michael D. Grissom
Search for research on this on the web. On the Discovery channel there was a show about a competition between schools to find a solution for this problem. This was high-tech stuff and involved emulating insects feet.

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