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By the12thplaya
This is not an original idea, but it was something I was going to work on last year but gave up on. Apologies for this being a long post:

It’ll be a site for singers, musicians and bands to own a few customisable templated web pages, to let people know bits about them, including a small forum for them and their fans only, a planner to maybe show people when and where they’re playing if at all during the year, and a page with their music on (mp3’s). Options to upload photos and mp3’s for their pages. The pages might have small adverts on which can be removed for a small price.

The site could also be used by venue owners - a way to promote their space and to look for artists. For example pubs looking for certain types of bands in their area to play certain nights. It might even attract some record labels big or small.

Here’s a list of pages and services, which is by no means final:

* Free registration, a user can then create his own pages if and when needed.
* When creating pages a typical URL might look like this http://www.xxx.com/thenightstalkers/
* Customisable templated pages, CSS stored in database.
* Band image uploads, photos and album covers.
* MP3 uploads
* A user may be allowed one or two personal links to their main site if relevant.
* Band diary / Gig planner
* The option to review and rate a band maybe. Probably give the band owner the option to view and allow reviews.
* Front page could have new artists and new tracks
* Editor reviews
* A forum per artist if wanted, might only be limited services on the forum, but would need to be something like guildportal.com where a user needs only fill in a profile once, and then they can apply to join each artist's forum without having to register for each one. The artist can then refuse or accept that person.
* Lyric pages which the user can add to their little site if wanted.
* The user will need a page manager to edit and turn on and off particular pages. When pages are switched on and off, it will need to change their site menu.
* “Looking For” section, personal adds for people looking for or offering songwriters, bands, instruments, venues and studios etc.. A small fee for this could possibly be introduced.

I may work on this at some point in the future but for now I don't have any plans to.

Reward: No reward required although I'd like to see the progress if anyone does take it on.

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