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People always bring each other down to Earth, and down-to-Earth attitudes are good, although depression is a sort of down to Earth that is where the circulation in the brain feels like it has stopped entirely, and so this is enough evidence that what people should do, is they should constantly allow the rotation and circulation of brain activity to build up, and, if we keep it building up throughout our life, WITHOUT STOPPING by getting depressed or having to slow down to analyse things all the time, we might just attain such powers, that we may be able to levitate, and discover what amazing things the human race can REALLY do!

We can't stay still forever, because that's what it feels like for most people, like an endless silence.

So, why don't we all stop relying on stupidly unimportant things and slow down FOR AN IMPORTANT REASON for once, and realise that we have to change things, for ourselves. We keep stopping and stalling...

Things had to develop over hundreds of years. Why stop now, even though we're comfortable with our surroundings, that doesn't mean we should stop developing. Let's at least try to keep the will to go on, and maybe realise that humans can actually do amazing things, and so superhuman powers are actually possible, but not in the way that most people think, which in turn makes alot of people go mad trying to find them, when actually they're going the wrong way about it all along...


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