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By Carol Terry
I would like to see a "Virtual Reality Suit" where you could pinpoint all pain in their exact location, and "dial" the type of pain (for ex: burning, stabbing, throbbing). Then the Doctor could put on the virtual reality suit and feel that same pain in his/her body so they could do a better diagnosis...or maybe at least a faster diagnosis.
By bug
oh, the spin-offs! 8-o
By oldasdirt1k
OH< I LIKE IT! Especially from the stand point that the doctors will 'feel' my pains! Doctors so often 'create' more pain in us just so they can 'tell' where and what it may in volve.I believe this to be a very practicle idea! Thanks C. Terry
By just me
not only that, but then my husband could feel that my debilitating chronic pain condition is not just "in (my) head" or think that "it can't be THAT bad". And think, what about during child birth!

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