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By 'The One'
The main problem in the world (of business, that is) is that it is based on 'saving yourself' so to speak rather than 'saving other people'.
And the problem is, the world naturally is made so that you protect other people more importantly than yourself (by sacrificing certain things). In this world that mixes natural AND unnatural things , you get people making utter pratts of themselves, not even 'entirely' by their own accord, because most of them will be acting this way because they feel they are being CONTROLLED. Some people believe they are CONTROLLING what they are doing when they might be BEING controlled, and that when they feel they're BEING controlled, they might actually be controlling themselves (but maybe aren't used to their own self control). Then of course there are the people who KNOW when they are controlling and when they are being controlled, but to be honest, how do you know which is which?!?...So there are two sides to everything. It's the whole 'positive and negative' thing.

It could be to do with the two hemispheres of the brain. I'm sure there are plenty of people who supposedly 'know' more about this stuff than I do but...

Simply by 'letting go' of yourself, you can find what your body and mind really need and want. Yet, if you don't like the feeling of 'letting go', then it is the opposite, you must hold on to your positive feelings. For true happiness and fulfilment though, you need to ENTIRELY feel you have a FULLY CONFIDENT CONSCIENCE...It's madness really. Someone's conscience might be the same feeling as an other person's LACK of any conscience...if that could work at all... :-? I suppose that is where the main idea of a 'good person' and an 'evil person' comes from, apart from it being to do with what you would do and wouldn't do. Perhaps there are even FOUR sides to alot of things...There is so much to think about, but we shouldn't think too much...we most likely WOULD regret it... B-) X-I B-) :>
By 'The One'
More reasons for problems happening in the world is that people reach points in their life where they can either agree with their conscience and go by it, or disagree and ignore their conscience until it doesn't seem important to them. Whether it 'dies' from your mind or is stored somewhere, I don't know but from what I've seen of people who have experienced major traumatic events, they seem to still have one and so presumably it gets stored somewhere in your mind. If you sacrifice yourself for other people alot, and are an open personality, your conscience is visible to see and can give off an 'aura' which is a good personality trait.

Also, people who put themselves out for other people more, and in other words, 'sacrifice' themselves more, know themselves and the general tendencies of other people as soon as they've met them or after a chat with them. Also, it depends on whether the person has had alot weighing down their conscience, mainly if it's one or many things that they rather didn't have there.

I am not sure whether to say people should give in more or NOT give in more to things nowadays. Life has become so confusing... :-C
Out of the two decisions, I would say DO NOT give into things, well, that's what my conscience tells me, but then of course, your conscience and other peoples' consciences might be different...It depends on what your situation is really, and the individual must always look after themself and know themself well, and be able to trust themself. For me, I guess it depends on whether I have a diary or not, which I do, and it stays on my conscience because it contains my own personal writings and thoughts, but then, sometimes I'm not bothered, because people are only worried about their own problems, which is best because then it makes us realise how it is for each other when we all get problems. Also, writing down what's in your head can get things out of the negative side of your conscience, and help open up your personality, mind and body, helping you to also express your views without worrying what people think of you, and letting you 'see the light' so to speak. Now I think about it, it's just so much better because it puts you on the edge (although it's not good to be too expressive, because you need to hold yourself together otherwise you'll just explain everything you know and end up feeling you have nothing on your mind...but that's an interesting idea, because you can 'self-experiment' if you preserve memories...but you don't want to get lost in experimenting on yourself, trust me...You can lose your path and find it impossible to regain control over your life sometimes (like the new suit in Spider-Man 3), which is why self-experimentation maybe isn't such a good idea...but then again, you do multiple different things to survive in life anyway. I suppose you're not to do stuff that's so wierd that it's ridiculous).

In fact, you may as well not bother, just be yourself, and always remember to have a humour!

You have to feel you trust yourself.

Please leave any comments you feel necessary to post in response to this topic. :>
By 'The One'
Also, it is the fact that people have to organise things all the time rather than go by instinct, which means that we can never go by instinct and instead have to organise everything in our lives like a project rather than...but then there is the question of whether we have instinct and intelligence the wrong way around...oh, I give up on this!....People should just be left to figure these things out for themselves for their own benefit if they want to help themselves out...We rise and fall...and things do switch round and change, so we as well just get on with things and not worry too much...and yet we're told we HAVE to always make changes instead of keeping our flow going, when flow is the most important thing we have (you would have thought)...and that is why I think alot of people get depressed and annoyed all the time - because having to worry and remember to make changes interrupts the flow of energy circulating the body and brain. Why can't people just be free in our own right, to build up flow and not interrupt it?!?

I suppose some people can get too powerful for their own good...

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