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By notthenameiwant
A universal pedal attached to your toilet. You step and hold to keep the seat up, do your business, take your foot off the pedal, and the seat lowers. Look ma - no hands!Obviously this invention is for men. This has 2 benefits: not having to touch the seat, and it makes it impossible to forget to lower the seat when you're done.

Reward: 2 of them for my house
By InventR
Sorry, Already been done. Funny, I thought of the same thing sometime ago and researched it. A few varied patents exist out there. Strange that they aren't flooding the market yet.
Haha on the last episode of American Inventor there was a guy and this was his invention! It was fantastic- but he got 3 "no's" and one "yes" from the judges (George Foreman- he says yes to everyone). Bad call I think- especially after seeing some of the crap they've let through... I think it was because right before him a guy came in with another toliet invention that was a funnel you pee'd into that went down into the toilet without the need to lift the seat... which was pretty gross.

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