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I'm sure I'm not the only one my age, but I feel I've been exactly the right age wwhen famous things have first started and these things include the Harry Potter series of books, the Spider-Man MOVIES, Sonic the Hedgehog games, and a few other things...So this is sort of a short emo history, except that emo music came later after the games, books, comics and movies, etc...

The thing is, I happen to have been exactly the right age, in other words, when the first Sonic the Hedgehog games came out from 1990/91 onwards, each one seemed to show Sonic getting 'older' in a way as his look developed through the games, and the first games had six Chaos Emeralds he had to collect, then it was changed to SEVEN he had to collect for supersonic power. The number seven represents something to me (especially since it's the 'lucky number'). Sonic was probably the first to have that 'emo' look, and even though rockers have had long hair for much longer than 'emos', they didn't quite have the look of an emo, plus regular rock music is reasonably different from emo rock music.

In Harry Potter, I just happened to be eleven years old when the first book came out, and in the first book, 'The Philosopher's Stone' (or 'The Sorceror's Stone' as it is known in other countries such as the U.S), Harry happens to have his eleventh birthday not too far from the beginning of the story. (The 'Philosopher's Stone' in the story seems like a link to the EMERALDS in the Sonic the Hedgehog games...). I happen to have been the same age as Harry every time a new book came out, and, each storyline would seem to relate to things currently going on in my life, although, of course because life isn't exactly like a book all the time, things were not the same, for example, I don't really have a personality like Harry's. Although, it made sense because of the fact that with each year he went through Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, it would get harder and more difficult with new challenges that appeared.

In Spider-Man, even though the character of Spider-Man has been going for a long time before the new movies, I noticed that they started bringing out the new movies at the precise times when each of the storylines symbolically matched what's been going on in my life recently. In other words, something in the storyline of each movie would symbolise what was going on with me at that time when they were each released. Very convenient, very insightful, and it made me more interested to see the movies. All the villains would symbolise a particular part of the personality that was opposite to Spider-Man, and each one would excel in different areas.

For exampl, the villain in the first movie, the Green Goblin, symbolised the sheer madness in it's purest most outrageous craziness in its physical form, then showing the over self-consciousness, obsessiveness and paranoia of Norman Osborn who also appeared to have a split-personality. I felt that this reminded me of how I went a bit crazy through teenaged years (but made it funny doing so, rather than attacking and killing people). Then, in the second movie, the villain was about having control over the brain, how Doctor 'Octopus' Octavious had the four arms which symbolised the four main quarters of the brain, and how the capsule at the back of his head broke, which was the thing that kept him in control of the arms, and which symbolised him losing control of his conscience to his intelligent brains. This movie reminded me that I wasn't to lose my personality and conscience to gaining more intelligence, which I did but later made up for (I hope!). And of course in the third movie, the black Spider-Man suit and 'Venom', the 'SYMBiote' alien creature totally summed up how I was feeling when I came back from University (lol), (after not going to one single lecture!!!). The hidden darkness I had either not learned to control or forgotten to control over the years. It all felt so epic and unreal. It did feel like more power inside me, and I've suddenly felt this tendency to be a nasty person, to put it bluntly, and to do totally out-of-line things because of responsibilities I feel I now have, like alot of people. I know I'm not the only one, but I feel like it is ACTUALLY all wrong, because I thought alot in the time I didn't have this darkness, when I was able to fight against it with pure willpower...I've recently felt this grudge against the world, like it owes me the world's been totally full of injustice and that it's been a traitor to me. I know it's not the world though, because you can't just generalise like that or put the blame on things as simply as that. I suppose that if things constantly eat at you and disturb your conscience, you are bound to see the negative side of things all the time. You even start to do it without realising...
Even the shape of Venom's head seemed to be the same as mine! (but without having as sharp teeth or as scary eyes, lol). I gained this dark look in my eyes and they'd moved further down my face so that the top of my head felt like a gigantic weight, and suddenly I felt like I was gaining muscle after a while. I guess I've been late to develop any good, real muscles. Then again, many people I know have too...So Venom sybolises a powerful figure with control who can cause destruction and chooses to do so simply because he can, to get his own way.
Sandman represents the man who sees life with alot of foresight, and yet is in difficult circumstances, and so whatever situation he is in, he does whatever is necessary to keep his family alive, which is shown clearly in the film. Sandman, although being a criminal, is a man of responsibility and wouldn't do wrong things if he didn't have to, so he is more 'mature' than Venom, and shows that it's not about whether you are a 'good guy' or a 'bad guy'. He symbolises the man without an ego, and so even though he is a criminal and criminals relate to injustice, he does what is justice in his mind and what is justice for his family. If you think about it, Venom and Sandman are totally the opposite characters. (Maybe I was more like Sandman when I came back from University...)

Mind you, the reason these things I've mentioned all link is because we are all human beings so we're bound to go through pretty much the same feelings, general life experiences, etc...and because of the fact that the series' I have mentioned are all mainstream ones, which means everyone can relate to them and that they are for the general mass of the public, for all different people, so there is the answer. :> :]

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