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By Antonin Prohaska
European soccer fans are not allowed to drink beer during most international games. The reason is that some hooligans are known to react aggressively on alcohol. So, as always, the majority gets punished because of a few idiots. As a Czech citizen, I enjoy drinking beer with a good soccer match, and I stay very relaxed and peaceful after that. My idea is that the European Football Association should issue official beer drinker's passports for soccer fans, attesting how they react on alcohol. (This passport should be voluntary, of course!) If your passport certifies that you are a peaceful beer-drinker, you get to buy beer at European stadiums.

Reward: Free beer or free match tickets, whichever is more convenient.
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By Michael D. Grissom
What would keep the hooligans from starting a fight if you don't give them your beer?

Also,... with all those video camera around during the game, why not ban the bad boys from all games for life like they do a bars and pubs?

There's a guy I know that's been banned from every bar in town except one -- the one I frequent. He sits there with his electronic ankle bracelet on (suppose to signal probation officer if he's in a bar) slugging down the hard stuff. You can tell that he is RAGING inside but doesn't dare let it out for fear he will be banned from there and then will have no place left to go. The point is that as long as there is a definate severe inescapable punishment -- they will behave. If not, they will always come out swinging.

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