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By dgrinder
I would like to see a charging cradle for my cell phone that would interface my cell phone with several cordless phones. I could get rid of my land based phone and still have the conveneince of answering and placing calls from cordless phones placed around my house. Even better would be a charging cradle that would accept more than one cell phone and give a distinctive ring so we would know which calls are on my line and which are on another family member's line.

Reward: Getting this product for free and free cell service for life, of course
By dealer
Motorola made a device such as this a few years back. I saw it at Sams Club. The cordless was 2 line one for you house phone and the other for the cell. It was Bluetooth so when you came near the receive it connected by its self. You could choose which would be used for out going calls to make use of your free nights and weekends. Don't know if it is still around....
By beverlyyan
You could try to go to it, just type the word, cell phone cradle, and you can see some cradle that you wanted to see. You need to check the specifications before you buy one, to let you assure that the cradle you are going to buy should be compatible to your cell phone.
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