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This is a very simple attachment so that you can see what is happening at your back at a glance. It is actually a pair of small mirrors that can be clipped onto the frame of your eyeglasses, slanting slighty towards yourself at an angle of about 45 degrees.

Reward: A free pair of eyeglasses attachment.
I feel as though if this product was marketed with a more streamline and hidden view it would be great. Possibly if the mirror clipped to the inside of the lense, rather than protruding outside, and it pivoted on two points, it would be a big seller.
Cams are so small now that they could be manufactured into the end tip of the ear hanger and display the 'rearward image' translucently on the eyeglass - translucently so that you could see both forward and rearward at the same time while looking straight forward. For those with a lot of hair the cam could be embedded into a hair piece and transmit via blue-tooth to the eye glass display. Translucent eye glass displays have been around for over 20 years and now the miniaturization of video cams has now made your idea doable electronically. This would be a really fun thing to use in High School. ;D When in a crowd, I've always wanted to know who was staring at my... errr.. umm... wallet.
Eyeglass displays like I mentioned above were on demo at the 1985 Dayton Amateur Radio Convention where I was able to wear them for a few minutes. The displayed image is hard to see unless you focus your eyes as if reading a newspaper. This allows you to switch your focus back and forth between display and 'real world' without completely losing sight of the one you are not focused on. The functional design is very clever.

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