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Create a material (solid, liquid, gas) which will react with human exhaled breath, sweat, and even farts that adds color and/or pleasant smell. Market to teenagers first. Imagine Jessica and Jennifer meeting at a school in the morning, each asking "what breath do you have today?" "Look, I have the new Passion Pink" (girl exhales a visible, pink, sweet smelling temporary puff of air) "Cool!" Now for the boys..."Jason, check out my new diesel fart!" (RRrrrippp) "Wicked! It's black!"

Reward: First samples of Florescent Green breath blasts.
.. i have another idea on that - a gewing gum packet, with a breath indicator on one side, where you breathe into.. on a small scale on the pack you can see how fresh your breath is and how many gum-portions you gonna need to compensate your bad breath.
well, it's actually quite another idea, but it just popped into my mind when reading your colored breath idea...

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