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By pamelawebb
Graffiti program for the new WII platform.

1. "Paint" program:
User can "spray" paint or other substances on monitor. Background templates will exist to overlay - famous building walls, painting frames, light shows, fireworks displays, etc. Also, "paint by number" painting templates would be available to teach the techniques of famous graffiti artists.

2. A graffiti game, which would pit 2 or more graffiti artists against each other online as a virtual graffiti "slam".

Reward: Name recognition and a free copies for my grandchildren.
By megamancom2
Sir, this is a rather interesting idea, but I believe you are presenting it in the wrong place. As far as I know there hasn't been a released SDK (software development kit) for the WII console, as such only Nintendo certified software development teams has access to such tools. If you were to present your idea to Nintendo directly I'm sure they could put you in contact with the proper people that could create such software.

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