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By rramasamy
We had a phone talker that called from different pay phones and harass the women at home.

It will be nice to have a landline phone receiver has these:
1. Need a button on the phone that will playback a recorded male voice of "Hello".
(The stalker hangs up once he hears a male voice)

2. The phone should have a list of safe numbers that can be filled by the user. Any called from an 'unknown' number should play a unique ring tone. The caller should also be made to say his name before the user can answer the phone. In other words, the user should be able to hear the name of the user before she can decide to answer the phone.

Reward: The blessings of many simple women in Asia and Africa where it is difficult to trace or punish phone stalkers.
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By Steve
Actually the individual components you mention already exist, but tying the whole thing together to an explicit anti-stalker phone could be quite interesting. ;D
By sister anan
I had this problem, when i was younger, in the days before call display. The phone would ring five minutes after i got home, or five minutes after i arrived at work. Then the caller would hang there in silence listening to me say 'Hello?' 'Hello?' in frustration until i hung up. This went on for several months. Finally, on a particularily bad day, i answered the phone to hear yet another silence and lost my patience. So i began to coax the caller in a very cajoling way to convert to Christianity. He slammed the phone down, and i never heard from him again.

Hope this helps.

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