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By sudhindrams
In India and other developing countries, there is lot of fraud in petrol stations. All the existing fuel meters do not give how much is filled in the tank by the station person. My thought is to come up with a digital fuel meter which says what is the current level in the tank and after filling the fuel, what is the new level, and also a difference to indicate the amount of fuel dispensed. This is a great value addition to all the owners and thus reducing the fraud.

Reward: I expect the company which does this to present me their vehicle with this product free of cost .
By M.Manjunath
shyampsunder2003 wrote:thats a good one... but i suppose the company doing it will have to spend some money to install the technology and moreover, to what extent will the accuracy be.

ya i am working under this...... i found a solution for it in my project....

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