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By D. Gibson
In these modern times, why is it that I cannot read my oil level from the interior of the vehicle. This would be quite a simple procedure to install. A float mechanism inside the oil pan could indicate whether the vehicle is requiring any amount of oil. Anyways, What's with this dipstick thing, MY GOSH-- THEY LANDED ON THE MOON YEARS AGO

Reward: I would like one installed in my car, thank you!
By Sedgewick
I believe someone out there is going to be making millions from this.
By thecanman
try buying a new car, they have them
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By Michael D. Grissom
The engines crankshaft continuously churns the oil in the oil sump pan (necessary for splash lubrication of the cylinder walls) which would make it impossible for a float to work unless the engine wasn't running.

One way of getting around this crankshaft churning problem would be to install an additional external reservoir with a float (if you can find the space) level with the engines oil sump pan and connect the two with a small tube so that the oil level in the external container will always average what the internal pans oil level is but without the turbulence. Kinda like this:
By billyo
My old 1985 BMW has an oil level sensor. It made lika a small cylinder or canister with a wiring connector on top. There are contacts inside, and a ball float to operate the contacts. The sensor extends into the oil pan, and has only a small hole to allow oil inside the canister to move the float in order to dampen the effects of the oil sloshing around in the pan. While it does not tell you how many quarts of oil are in the engine, it does tell you when it gets a quart or so low.
By vincent
In Europe they are using for a couple of years analog oil level gauge. Renault, Peugeot-Citroen, Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes are using these sensors for all their cars. Fiat and Alfa Romeo is also using this on some vehicles. The level indicator is done either by a "oil ok" or a bargraph.
These sensors are provided by Valeo (
The problem due to the crankshaft is solved by make the oil level measurement just before the engine in on, just at the key on - and it's enough.
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By Michael D. Grissom
I thought that has always been easily visible on existing dipsticks. What's special about the aftermarket one Marinesnip?
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By Michael D. Grissom
Thanks for the quick reply Marinesnip!

I wonder what ever happened to that oil filter that was sold internationally that was packed full of replenishing chemicals that made your oil last 3 to 5 times longer. I'm guessing it would be a difficult thing to trust but then, if it was packaged with a dipstick that could prove it... hmmmmmmmmm
By WannaraceACP
If more cars were on a dry sump oiling system there would be a level reading while the vehicle is running. I am surprised this isn't already in effect for the fact of power and economy.
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