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By Zafro
You always hear people saying, "In the future there will be flying cars!!" Well I think that idea is ridiculous. Why re-invent a flying machine when it would be much more simple to make a planes street legal. We already have compact airplanes with the ability to fold the wings making them more compact.

Reward: Dumb idea of the week award?
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By Lisa
I imagine a really compact plane/car-mixture with which you can drive on regular highways. so actually you might not need to build expensive bridges anymore, the highway turns into a take-off lane and all vehicles spread their wings and fly ;)
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By swimmer
the idea of a flying car is for the reason that making roads and maintaining them all over the world is costy .

Inventing a plane with low fuel consumption or no ( organic fuel comsu,ption ) would be a great step for humanity .
By Regtracker
There is one in the works(M400 Skycar) Moller International has been trying to perfect one and is in the last testing phase before FAA approval in 2008. Almost a million for one though lol.
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By Michael D. Grissom
Can you imagine teenagers, while talking on their cell phone and listening to Metallica, flying through a controlled airspace chock full of airliners with 400 to 500 passengers on each plane? That's SCARY!

I came so close to a head-on mid-air collision in 1983 that I could read the map in front of the other pilots face.
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