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By C. Hughes
Instead of getting your fingers all buttered up with your corn on the cob. I want to invent a device that is similar to the way a golf ball is cleaned in those handy devices on a golf course. It would by a cylinder container with a removable lid in order for the individual to put butter inside and stick it in the microwave to melt it down some. Then after warming, or no warming, the lid is snapped into place on top of the cylindrical container. The lid has a hole in the top large enough for an ear of corn to be dipped in. On the underside of the lid is brushes, like on marinating brushes used in cooking, they are soft and very flexable and connected to the bottom of the lid and when the lid is snapped in place on the container the soft brissles fill the inside of the container. The ear of corn is connect to a small handle that matches the container but on the underside has four long spikes to jab into the hard end of the corn. After dipping your corn in the container, you now have an evenly, and easily dipped buttered corncob. It makes the "corn" experience much more plesant and neat! Thanks and I am excited!
By skerplatd
I admire your imagination in finding a way to keep your hands clean while eating corn on the cob, but I believe in the KISS principle (Keep it simple, stupid) Why would you want an appliance that needs filling, emptying(wasting butter) and cleaning and storing. My family has always found it very effective to just butter a slice of bread. hold it, butter side up in one hand and roll the cob of corn over it. The bread can wrap around the cob and butters all sides very effectively. Then you can choose to eat the bread afterwards or save it for the birds. No muss, no fuss, no cleanup.
By polsenca
Hey Carra,

I know you wrote this awhile ago but I just happened upon it. I think it is a good idea. In highschool I worked at a Best Products. A catalog company with limited store locations. Over one Christmas there was a product called the "Hot Topper", which was a handheld butter sprayer. You insert a cube of butter into this device, looked like a big flashlight, it would melt the butter, it had a heating element, then you could spray butter on your popcorn. Sounds like a simple product right. We couldn't keep these things in stock. We would have a thousand one day and zero the next.

I think your product has a great gift giving slant to it.

By beach
I just use a long plastic bow., put butter it it, microwave the butter for a few seconds, it becomes amazingly soft of total meltdown, depending on how long you leave it in. drop the ear of corn in, use a pair of tongs and pick it up!. If the butter is not too deep, the ear holders do not get messy and you can pick it up to eat it cleanly. The butter can be saved for the next use in the freezer simply by putting on the lid, or thrown away...........
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By Michael D. Grissom
This is what FlatTop (post above) found. Cool!
By Sifu Lee
The "butter corn on the cob with buttered bread" idea turned up in an 80's movie. The scene was a family sitting to dinner. The father was just slathering butter onto his piece of bread. The audience was audibly grossed out by this because everyone thought he was going to eat it. He then proceeded to butter the corn on the cob with it. Can anyone tell me what movie that was? Thanks.

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