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By bsand003
When you are stuck in traffic, brake lights on the car in front of you only tell half of the story.

How often have you accelerated to catch up with the car in front of you only to have to slam on brakes because the car in front of you was not accelerating but getting ready to brake. whew! close call.

Well, if you are paying attention, there shouldn't need to be a reason for close calls.

This simple innovation of just adding a "green" colored light on the back of cars to indicate when the car was accelerating would let traffic flow more like a train. There would be less congestion and less accidents. Everyone could essentially accelerate, coast, and brake simultaneously which would basically eliminate the traffic phenomenon, "shockwave".

Implementing the idea into production now would mean only some cars would have this light. NO problem. That just means you have to be extra careful around cars without the light just like you are now.

Reward: some time of recognition (like a plaque)for my idea from the person that actually gets this patented, for service to mankind and safety.
By bsand003
I looked at the links that you provided and they have nothing to do with my idea. The links talk about different brake lights which can detect the intensity of the braking. I don't want to change the brake lights. I propose to add acceleration lights. That way, you know exactly what the behavior of the car is doing. Let me illustrate:

car accelerating (acceleration light)
car cruising (no light)
car slowing down but not braking (no light)
car stopping (brake light)
car stopped (brake light)
car parked (no light)

It is the 1st 4 behaviors that we want to look at. In order to follow safely behind the car in front of you, I think it is vital for you to know the whole story by having the acceleration light. Right now it is universal to see this:

car accelerating (no light)
car cruising (no light)
car slowing down but not braking (no light)
car stopping (brake light)
car stopped (brake light)
car parked (no light)

This is unacceptable because it is not enough information to convey to the person following behind.
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By swimmer
great idea pal !! really effective , and can be easely done .... riding with mi sister almost killed me a hundred time while she accelerates while the car inftont is braking :p ...
By Regtracker
Why not have a proximity sensor (like the safe backing sensors on vehicles now) on the front. here's an idea , HAVE A CLUE ABOUT YOUR SURROUNDINGS AND USE DUE-DILLIGENCE WHILE YOU ARE DRIVING!!!!! if you rear-end someone it is YOUR fault not theirs(no matter what happened). sorry about the rant but i am sick of ppl blaming everything but their own bad habits for close calls while driving.
By tejohnson
Good Idea, but what if someone driving is color blind?
don't take may comment seriously, it is only to help you rethink your idea because all people can distinguish between a light that is on and one that is off, color blind or not.
By Thinkadin
Green for acceleration, Yellow for coasting? just a thought. You would probably get a quick yellow flash before brakes were applied adding to the safety of brake lights. As an added bonus the yellow light would indicate someone coasting along slowly as if looking for an address (always annoying). I like your idea, knowledge of what other drivers are doing is always going to benefit the overall safety of the roadway.

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