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By alexandrempinto
The new MacBook Pros by Apple have LED screens, instead of the traditional LCD screen. LED screens consume much less power, therefore increasing battery life. How about doing the same for the mobile phones' screens?

In fact, why not changing ALL the screens in every electronic device to LEDs?

By the way, I posted another idea yesterday about kinetic wireless mouse for the computer, and I think it could be generalized to almost every kind of electronic device. I'll explain.

Some wrist watches have no battery, they just have a small electricity generator made out of a small moving magnet attached to a soneloid and a capacitor. I own one such watch. :-) They are generally known as "kinetic".

Why not use the same kind of electricity generator/accumulator for mobile phones, for wireless mice, for whatever that moves and consumes electricity. We humans move all the time, we should be taking advantage of all that motion to generate (environmental-friendly) electricity.

Reward: As a reward for these ideas I just want one item of each of these products, i.e., one "kinetic" self-charging mobile phone; one "kinetic" wireless mouse, etc. I guess it's only fair. :-)
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By swimmer
foe the led idea i think it can be done ... but for the mobile ... mobiles consume a 100 time more energy than watches , though it is still a very low energy , you will need to move your hand a hundred time more to charge your mobile !! so you will be dancing and chaking all day !! :p
By Regtracker
the efficiency of the kinetic mechanism would have to be vastly improved for the products you want. your watch is on your wrist all day. you would never move enough to have your phone or mouse create the energy needed and the storage of the energy would have to be improved. the LED idea is cool though, such a simple thing can be so low cost and it would take only a fraction of the power an LCD screen takes. the only drawback is the fact that the manufacturers couldn't make replacement screens cost-prohibitive, ex.( "your screen goes in your $400 device" , instead of the company getting you to replace the entire unit( cause the screen will only go after the warranty expires lol ) they will have to make money off of shipping to replace a low cost component). then again the company could turn around and decide to over-engineer a simple component so as to make replacement cost-prohibitive.
By MaJoRa
Firstly, you should be aware, OLED screens on phones are something nokia has already started to incorporate. Take a look at their N85 for example, which comes with an OLED screen.

They have also been working on a way of charging your phone whilst moving, just not in the manner you have spoken of, if you read the following article: ... -thin-air/

They are developing technology which would draw power from radio waves and other signals already in the air. They say it wont charge your phone, but it will give it enough power to sit in standby mode easily.
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