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By Kornelia Micke
Do you know this embarrassing situation? You are sitting in a restaurant and having a good time, but suddenly you realize that the food on your plate is way too much! Even worse, your meal is so delicious that you wouldn't want to offend the cook by sending half of it back. So what can you do? That's where the "Eat my Meal"-Agency comes into play. Just pick up the phone and dial their number - shortly after, one of their guys walks into the restaurant, sits down beside you and clears your plate with a smile. In the paid edition of this service, your rescuer might be a handsome looking man or woman with good manners and conversational skills, but I can also think of a free trial version where they send you a bunch of hungry students. :-)

Reward: I want to use this service for free, of course.
By John
I can see the headlines now...

Finish My Meal Employees Murdered

Associated Press

In a string of bizarre ritualistic murders, another "Finish My Meal" employee died a cruel death while finishing somebody's Haggis in a high-class Scottish restaurant in Glasgow, Scotland. This is the tenth "Finish My Meal" employee to die this week.

Most "Finish My Meal" employees undergoe ten stomach replacement surgeries a year, and some, even more. While most die in their first year of employment, some move on to other more exciting careers, such as "Finish My Poop" caterers, who poop for you when you are constipated. Others usually go on to become guinea pigs for various types of experimental medications. The latter is more popular do to the fact that 11 out of 10 have contracted some deviant form of hepatitis or other more serious disease as a result of ingesting all kinds of spit and saliva left over by their clients.
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By Steve
You're right, the "Finish my Meal" Agency would be the pimp of cuisine... :-b

Anyway, finishing other people's meals is the oldest profession in the world (although unpaid in former times) - I would assume that the human body can deal with it...
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