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By Christopher Gregory Dore
I have an Idea for an extreme snow scooter. It would be kinda like a razor scooter but instead of haveing wheels it has to skiis. On to steer with and on to ballance on underneath the platform wich you stand on.
I think it could sell for $150 and they would be really popular with the kids. I think it could be a new extreme sport like snowboarding.

Reward: Free product.
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By Michael D. Grissom
Some us don't know what a "razor scooter" is so, can't really respond to this. What is it?
By sk8mad85
good idea, it would have to be wider than a Razor scooter though, and made of stainless steel due to contact with snow, also could it double as a regular scooter in the summer or when not snowing? i like this idea, i might pursue research and possibly a prototype
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