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By NumboJumbo
On the whole tourists are unfamiliar with the countries they visit, so when they come across an opportunity to donate something physical e.g. pens to a school, they are ill prepared. A voluntary run service/website could be set up containing information from other travellers offering advice/information of what a tourist could donate before he/she goes abroad. The website could be categorised into countries, where people would simply type in and share their information for others to take advantage of. To keep it current, tourists who had used the information whilst on holiday could also enter information informing users of the site that the original charity donation suggestion was still valid. This would prevent tourists going to a destination and discovering that the donation opportunity does not exist anymore.

Sure, there are plenty of websites out there who offer a service for travellers to provide feedback on the places they have visited or stayed at. Only very rarely is a brief mention made of a donating opportunity on their travels and only then as a cursory mention. None that I have seen have a dedicated area of their website devoted to such a topic of donating to charity in a particular country. Either these websites could set up an area on their webpages or a dedicated website could be set up for just such a purpose.

This idea is not designed to make money, it's designed to be a service to kind hearted people who have a desire to donate things to charity and make a difference in someone else's life. These donation items would have to be small to be carried to the donation opportunity or they could be bought on a person's travel and handed over to the charity in need.

Reward: Donate some or all of your profits to charity
By parhat
There is an easier way. Most church organizations require a volunteer especially in a foreign anyway, so you can go on tourism while spreading the word of the Church. In the meantime you can donate some money to the church. The savings is too fold: it won't cost you that much and church gets the a chance to spread their teachings, and you can also promote the church more actively.
By troblodite
I would take this idea further and make it not just charity of giving but a charity of doing. Creat a tourist culture of doing something useful with yourself whilst at the same time go on exploring.... Iam gone stick it up, check it out.
By christopher
Actually this concept is not designed to make money, it's designed to be a service to kind hearted people who have a desire to donate things to charity and help some one.This type of charities can't afford to get their name out there with publicity.I think this is the different ant nice to way to make different in needer's life.
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