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By joseph ake
Speed bumps that are filled with water, made of rubber so if you drive slow the water has time to move to other places than under your tires. But if you drive fast you will feel the bump.

Reward: a job and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
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By Michael D. Grissom
Invented in europe a couple of years ago but uses air instead of water. See other speed bump post for more details. I heard about it on the Paul Harvey radio show.
By Robert Pitts
Perhaps the speed bumps could be coupled with a generator which is activated by the displaced fluid. This, in turn, could power warning signs.
By sensing the time difference between the strike of front and back wheels, the sign could warn the driver to slow down.
By Robert Pitts
Agreed...but generally speed bumps come in series rather than on their own. By coupling a visual warning with the physical "bump" drivers may be inclined to drive more sensibly through the remaining speed bumps.
Of course, emergency vehicles shouldn't be impeded at all, so a "clever" speed bump that deflates or retracts in response to an emergency signal would be even idea that I believe has been around before. :-D
By sneezyalex
You want to feel the bump? If you drive off a cliff you will surly feel the bump. Speed bumps are made to slow you down. :-[
By Stewie123
Or there can be a little radar that is before the speed bump that people don't know about and it registers the speed of the tires and how fast the RPM is to see how fast the car or truck is going, and if it’s slow the speed bump will go underneath the ground and fast it would stay up. And it could also have a little chip that picks up sound and if its an emergency authorized transportation, the speed bump will go down.
By viridian
well of course speed bumps are supposed to slow you down. the reason this is a very good idea is that even if you do drive very slowly over them they bump you and damage your suspension and tracking. If you have to do it a lot. In fact some of them give less of a bump if you drive over them a bit faster.

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