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By jgoodwin
Streaming radios of different varieties of background noise to be used in the office, home, or busines to create different moods. Rather than using CD's a much richer variety of sounds could be offered through a website. Some examples: natural sounds (beach, forest, wind in trees, rain); Urban sounds (traffic, sidewalk, restaurant, bar), Animals (birds, barnyard, wolves, insects), White noise (different frequencies), mechanical (bicycle, motor, water-wheel, fountain). Ads would be visual only, users could upload their favorite loops.

Reward: Recognition on the site for the idea...and unlimited use of it in my office!
this looks pretty simple, why don't you set up a free Southcast radio server, which would provide you with an url that can be accessed online thru your music player (mediaplayer, realplayer,winamp whatever).
Southcast servers are totally free, requires configuration and reading a little obviously, but you'll be able to set up your own online radio, stream, and program whatever background tune you wish in there.
Everyone with access to the internet will be able worlwide to listen to your tunes. Hope it helps

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